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Supertrafficboard P3D V2 Review


Being a real world pilot in training on the Cessna 172 and Piper Cherokee PA-28, I always love to go back and ‘replay’ the adventure I completed up in the vast skies above my hometown, However, there is always something missing, something that doesn’t quite make my flight feel like the real thing, that issue is the giants of the skies, i’m talking about the 737’s, A320’s and the 747’s, the monstrous machines that haul passengers across countries and to a new world.

This is where things change, there is many addons that help complete the missing AI traffic in a flight simulator, however, all of them gave me no control over the randomness of their departures, so as a result all of the aircraft would be packed up and leave at the same time, until now, now I have control, and supertrafficboard gives me that control.


Supertrafficboard is one interesting AI Traffic tools you can add to your collection within P3D V2 (it's also available for FSX). It gives you many new powers including changing the aircraft model, its call sign, telling a specific aircraft to depart when you want it to, and the list goes on and on.


The initial install does take a while to complete, this is due to the fact that this addon checks your scenery and ensures that the air traffic park, taxi, takeoff and land in the right place, no matter what the scenery is, ensuring the most realistic experience as possible.


As soon as the sim has loaded everything up. You already notice a difference, the whole airport immediately springs to life, aircraft getting ready to depart on an adventure, and some bringing a close to theirs. This addon is great in adding a more realistic experience to you flight sim life, being able to final control all of the aircraft that depart at the same time.


My initial thought of the program, I had mixed feelings about it, but you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, because as I delved deeper into the program, my thoughts and feelings changed and I saw the benefits of having this tool.


Overall I would rate this addon 8/10, this tool offers more options to allow you to get the most of your AI traffic within your flight simulator. Based on the price for this addon(£17, €23, $26) , I would recommend it for those who want to be able to control their AI traffic with ease. The install of this program takes a bit of time to install (system dependent). The user manual is quite in depth to give you full assistance with any issues you may encounter with this tool.



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