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Review Aerosoft Split X

Split, The Croatian Pearl

For many Scandinavians and Finns there are no other sunny holiday destinations during winter-time in Europe other than Greek Islands, Cyprus, Mallorca and most commonly, the Canary Islands. However there is one destination which could be considered as the pearl amongst these, a diamond not yet polished, namely Split in Croatia by the adriatic sea just a short hop away from Venice or Rome.

The Airport

Split Airportcode is SPU (IATA) and LDSP (ICAO), also called Resnik Airport and serves the city of Split in Croatia. The airport is located some 24km from the city Split to the west.
It serves some 1.7 million passengers a year and has one runway which is located at the coast right next to steep hills. It's runway is 2550m long, 05/23 and has some demanding approcah and departures due to the location surrounded by the hills and sea.
The airport as it is in the current size and location was opened for commercial flights in late november 1966. The apron and terminal became quickly too small for the ongoing traffic, hence the extension was built in 1979, to accomodate traffic for a upcoming sport event held in Split that year.
The apron as is, can hold 10 aircraft and the terminal got a facelift in 2005 with gate added and huge improvement by multicolour LEDs and glass facade.
The airport serves as a main transportation hub and as tourist destination for many commercial airline companies.

The Trip

One chilly and snowy day in late march I hopped onboard SAS MD80 from Stockholm, bound for a short vacation along with some friends from Finland to Split. As me and a couple of friends of mine, are aviation enthusiast and fly regularly with our rental Cessna 172, I got the chance, through some good connections, of taking a ride along in the cockpit on the jumpseat for the returning flight home. It also happened to be an old trustworthy MD80, but this time it's Finnair to Helsinki, either way, I was looking forward to it.

After a relaxing vacation in Split with good food, excellent wine and awesome surroundings seen from a short helicopterride it was time for the trip back home.

The day of traveling home I felt great about the upcoming event riding along in the cockpit and happy that I got the chance to see Split from above aswell, what a nature and beautiful architechture.

I checked in my luggage and met up with the crew in the airport terminal, shortly after I was sitting in the cockpit and watching the pro's do what they do best.
After a whole lot of cockpitpreparation we got clearance to taxi out to runway 5, which takes us straight out towards the rising hillside right next to pittoresque Split citycenter.

split1thThe airport is quite small, not much to see in the terminal besides a small shop and waiting area, but still equipped for CATI landings, allthough I wonder how scary that migh be since the whole city and airport is surrounded by high mountains, or steep hillsides atleast that climb up to 2500' just in the vicinity of the airport.

Once we got lined up at the end of runway, the only thing you can see beside the seemingly short runway is greenhouses, greenhouses all over. No wonder why there are olives in all shapes and sizes everywhere and ofcourse, very fine wine.
Shortly after revving up the good ol' Pratt & Whitney JT8D:s to their takeoff power we soar steeply up towards the hillside straight ahead, mindblowing as it is, the captain softly levels the climb and turns us right just to see the shoreline and the city by all it's glory below us. This was my spot to take some awesome pics!

We then continued right towards north, we could see the shoreline of Split and the harbour. Right next to that, the airport with surroundings and hillsides, large houses that seem more like mansions to me and then ofcourse those greenhouses that seem to continue on and on.

After leaving the harbour we continued our climb and headed for our cruising altitude, time to say farwell to Split and at the same time, promise to visit again soon, very soon. Just mindblowing that's what it was and is, thank you and good night Split, see you again.


Aerosoft has made it easy and you can choose if you like to have HD textures or not. The package is some 400Mb and takes about 900Mb of your harddrive when installed with HD textures.
The scenery is updated to 1.30 and works well with FTX Vector but to be sure there will be no glitches it's recommended to run the Vector tool after installing this scenery.
This installation was made on Prepar3d version 2.5.

Google pics of the real airport and surroundings to compare.,apt,l,d,ldsp,ai,1280084083896.jpg

Aerosoft delivers once again, just awesome detail, mostly in the surroundings but also at the airport with all the vehicles, amazing accuracy all over. Most landmarks are there to be found in the city and vicinity also neat small features in the harbour area like logs, containers with appropriate logos and many very nicely detailed yachts and sailboats.
The elevation seems to be one the paid very much detail too, since the hills compare to real images amazingly well.

Nightlighting and detail

The nightlighting with the terminals colourful LEDs and glassfacade is outstanding! The whole terminal with all it's parkingareas and short tunnels etc. are extremely well detailed and all of the terminal ínterior is done with awesome accuracy aswell all down to the computers at the gates.
The cafeteria, shops etc. are lit up during nighttime, therefore a ”stroll” in the terminal from front entrance to gate is perfectly managable and gives and extreme experience of authenticity.


The scenery worked flawlessly, not much fps drop, very little fps drop compared to many other scenerys with this amount of detail. No issue with FTX global, LC and Vector, all worked perfectly.



Test system:

I7 4770K 3.40Ghz 
16 GB 1600Mhz 
Nvidia GTX 670 
Windows 7 ultimate 64


Overall Rating

1 to 10


Modelling : 8
Textures : 9
Aerial View : 8.5
Objects : 9
Performance : 8.5
Surrounding : 8.5
Details : 9
Manual : 9
Value for money : 9
Overall result : 8.8

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Review by Maddog

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