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Prosim737 Version 1.48 released


Prosim AR just released version 1.48 of Prosim737. Right after the hard work on the ProsimA320 they take care of their existing Prosim737 customers.


Here is the changelog of Prosim737:

February 2 2017 Release version 1.48

- Generic Com/TCP driver values rounded to the 3rd decimal place
- Dome light switch support added to ICS overhead
- ProSimDisplay: new option to add the folder name to the title bar
- fix to prevent brake pressure to be negative
- Fixed RED indicators handled as YELLOW
- [SW-33] added Simworld Flight Controls module support
- [SW-34] ILS-DME(Navigraph navaid type 8) navaids now correctly handled if entered in CDU FIX page
- Sismo: Fixed servo daughter board not working

- Sismo: Fixed displays outputs(Display daughter board 2)
- new cockpit option to select alignment time (normal - quick)
- Master Dim gate added
- IOS Failures now organized by ATA chapter
- Fixed FDS JetMax radio assignments
- added cache control meta tags to IOS page
- added option to cockpit setup to remove the fading from weather radar sweep
- added option to cockpit setup to remove the interpolation(antialias) from the weather image
- [PSDB-310] Engine trend vector disapearing when target N1 value reached.
- [PSDB-326] Speedbrake stow not working below 10kts.
- [PSDB-328] Retractable landing lights switch not working correctly with CPFlight overhead.
- [SW-30] Simworld ATC panel delay fixed
- Added advanced option to CPFlight driver to disable the gauge data
- [PSDB-323] Fixed fuel filter failure to trigger an oil filter warning on EICAS
- Scavenge oil filter failure added
- [PSDB-335] Wiper switches and gates added.
- Wiper switch support added to CPFlight(ICS) and Simworld overhead and ProSim panel.
- Fixed Side-by-side EICAS showing FF as KG even when unit is LBS
- Fixed Brake accumulator pressure to lock if pressure reaches 0
- Hydraulic system B should be the only pressure supplier to the brake accumulator.
- Fixed Pokeys Ethernet not working with poller disabled
- CPFlight advanced option added to reverse the rudder trim gauge
- Added support for FDS CDU v2 alternate layout
- [PSDB-182] EFIS POS now shows ADIRS and GPS positions on ND


ProSim737 System Diagram


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